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CMFCore::WorkflowTool::WorkflowTool Class Reference

Inherits utils::UniqueObject, and OFS::Folder::Folder.

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Detailed Description

Mediator tool, mapping workflow objects 

Definition at line 56 of file WorkflowTool.py.

Public Member Functions

def __setstate__
def all_meta_types
def doActionFor
def getActionsFor
def getCatalogVariablesFor
def getChainFor
def getDefaultChainFor
def getHistoryOf
def getInfoFor
def getStatusOf
def getWorkflowById
def getWorkflowIds
def getWorkflowsFor
def listActions
def manage_addWorkflow
def manage_addWorkflowForm
def manage_changeWorkflows
def manage_selectWorkflows
def notifyBefore
def notifyCreated
def notifyException
def notifySuccess
def setChainForPortalTypes
def setDefaultChain
def setStatusOf
def updateRoleMappings
def wrapWorkflowMethod

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string id = 'portal_workflow'
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_overview = DTMLFile( 'explainWorkflowTool', _dtmldir )
string meta_type = 'CMF Workflow Tool'
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _invokeWithNotification
def _listTypeInfo
def _recursiveUpdateRoleMappings
def _reindexWorkflowVariables
def _setDefaultCataloging

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 __implements__ = portal_workflow
 _chains_by_type = None
int _default_cataloging = 1
tuple _default_chain = ('default_workflow',)
tuple _manage_addWorkflowForm = DTMLFile('addWorkflow', _dtmldir)
tuple _manage_selectWorkflows = DTMLFile('selectWorkflows', _dtmldir)

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